What is SPF?

Many people buy sunscreens without looking at their details and without understanding the elements required in a good sunscreen. Here we will talk about that.

First of all, you must have seen that every sunscreen comes with a number. An SPF followed by a number. For example, SPF 45, SPF 50, SPF 42, and so on. This is usually written in bold letters on its bottle or tube. What is this exactly? Let's find out. 

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It is most prominent in sunscreens because it helps to block the radiation of the sun from your skin.

The main work that SPF does for you is that it improves your skin’s natural defenses against the sun’s rays. The number after the SPF plays a vital role in deciding the level of protection it shall give. For example, an SPF of 20 provides about 20 times more protection than just your normal skin without sunscreen. Thus, an SPF of 50, would provide 50 times more protection than skin without sunscreen. 

Ideally, you should go for a broad-spectrum sunscreen because it will block both UVA and UVB rays. Your sunscreen should at least have 30 SPF. Sunscreen SPF 50 is expensive but go ahead without any second thoughts if you can afford it. Wear it on all the skin that is exposed to the sun. Don't forget to apply it twice a day for maximum protection. 

Sunscreen protects you from UV rays. This everybody knows. However, here's something interesting about UV rays that you may not be aware of. 

There are two types of radiation from the sun: UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are responsible for skin aging, thus causing wrinkles and saggy skin. Meanwhile, UVB rays cause sunburns. 

Potentially every time you are in the sun or sitting near a window that has sunshine coming through it, you are exposed to this harmful radiation. This radiation can affect you even if you are not prone to sunburns. 

The question now arises — Should everyone use sunscreen? 

Yes, everyone should use sunscreen. However, you might want to avoid using it on toddlers because the chemicals in the sunscreens can have harmful side effects on the delicate skin of toddlers. So it is advised to not use sunscreen on babies under 6 months. To protect them from any sun damage, it is preferable to keep them in shade and dress them in protective clothing. 

Now that we have seen what SPF is and how it works, let's have a look at some of the best sunscreens. Note that all these are available on our website, BeautyTalk, so you can shop from there comfortably. 

Suntique I'm Aqua Sun Essence

It is a long-lasting sun protection essence. It repairs dry and tired skin. This water-based sunscreen moisturizes and smoothens the skin. It has SPF 50+ and also hydrates. 


  • Protection: Protects you from UV Rays.
  • Long-lasting: It stays for many hours.
  • Repairs: Dry and tired skin into moisturized and smooth skin.


  • Water-based sunscreen with Centella Asiatica and aloe vera. 
  • This is a sunscreen SPF 50+/ PA+++ 
  • It hydrates the skin and reduces stickiness and shine.
  • It comes with a light, refreshing feel to the skin. 
  • Also suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Contains mineral and chemical UV filters.
  • Perfect for daily use and outdoor lifestyle.


Suntique I'm Pure Perfect Cica SPF50+Pa++++ 

This Suntique sunscreen has a non-sticky and non-greasy texture. It has physical blockers that blend in smoothly as it is fast-absorbing, non-sticky, and non-greasy. In addition to providing broad-spectrum SPF 50 PA ++++ protection, it also provides soothing and moisturizing benefits. The formula gives the skin a matte finish and leaves behind no scent.


  • 100% Physical UV Blocker: 100% natural mineral filter to form ultraviolet shielding and physically block harmful rays. 
  • No chemicals: Formulated with no chemicals and low-irritating ingredients, it is suitable for kids and sensitive skin. 
  • Tone correct: 100% physical UV blockers help in skin tone correction. 
  • The Power of ingredients: It has ingredients that are high-quality cosmetic raw materials. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The extracts further help in soothing skin by external stimuli and improving damaged skin barriers. 
  • Repairs skin irritation: By adopting EWG green raw materials, it minimizes the factors that can cause skin irritation. 
  • Formulation: It has a moist and soft creamy formulation with a less white cast. Hence, it has a natural skin tone correction effect.

I'm Repair After Sun

This sunscreen has a unique jelly-like texture that melts into the skin with gentle patting, resulting in firm and hydrated skin. It is also popular for its makeup-gripping properties, which assist with the smooth application of any foundation or sunscreen afterward.


  • Contains collagen concentrates for firm and soft skin.
  • Specially designed to recover skin resilience. 
  • Makes the skin soft and moisturized. 
  • Improves moisture retention. 
  • Made with the goodness of Berry extract and Malt extracts. 
  • Best for dry and mature skin. 
  • Makes the skin firm and hydrated.

I'm Sports Aqua Sungel 

It is a gel-based unisex sunscreen that provides moisture to dry skin, while the SPF protects you from damage by UV rays. It is gel-based, hence, water and sweat-resistant. It also has a cooling and hydrating effect and SPF protection against UVA and UVB damage. It uses a double-layer method to prevent UV radiation from penetrating the skin.


  • It protects you from UV rays. 
  • It gives you hydration and a cooling effect.
  • It has a creamy gel-based texture. 
  • It doesn't feel sticky or leave shine behind, and delivers a lighter, fresher feeling.
  • Suitable for dry and rough skin.
  • It also gives you smooth and soft skin.

Suntique I'm Derma Relief Sunstick

It is transparent with a smooth and lightweight texture. It gives your face a matte, shine-free finish. It also contains aloe vera extracts that help to soothe and soften the skin. 


  • Suitable for normal, dry, or even sensitive skin.
  • It gives your skin a natural matte finish and doesn't leave any white casts. 
  • Its formula contains aloe vera which is perfect to soothe and soften the skin.
  • It also has anti-inflammatory and scarring properties.
  • It also contains three types of hyaluronic acid that moisturize the skin and prevent wrinkles and spots
  • The SPF50+/PA++++ protects the skin from UV rays.
  • The texture is transparent, smooth, and lightweight. So you can even apply it over makeup whenever you want to touch up your sunscreen.
  • It is also perfect for moisturization, soothing, and protecting your skin at the same time. 
  • It is easy to carry.

A'PIEU Pure Block Natural Daily Sun Cream SPF45/PA+++

It is one of the best sun creams in the category of Korean beauty products. It is long-lasting and gives you smooth, moisturized, and glowing skin. 


  • Protection: Protects you from UV Rays.
  • Long-lasting: It stays for many hours.
  • Repairs: Turns dry and tired skin into moisturized, smooth, and glowing skin.


  • Protects you from UV Rays.
  • It lasts for many hours.
  • For dehydration and tired skin.
  • Makes the skin glowing and smooth and increases skin vitality.


There is no harm in using sunscreen. You can easily find sunscreen SPF 50 around you which is best for UV protection. Any skincare routine is incomplete without applying sunscreen. Get your hands on it now!

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