"You can't plan anything overnight and execute that and think you will succeed. It takes years to understand what you can do to earn money and make an impact at the same time. I am not somebody who will say, "I am not in the market to earn money." Everybody is here to earn money so us. But at what cost, it depends on us," - Mr. Richard Sohn, CEO.

It's been more than seven years since BeautyTalk reached India. After analyzing the whole local market of India and the needs of the customers, then BeautyTalk was launched in the year 2020. 

"I still remember when I was in Korea, I talked to few brands that why don't you go to the Indian market as India is one of the biggest markets in Asia. They always told me that it would be too hard for them to manage each and everything there. And I always believed in the Indian market and the demand for cosmetics in India, which triggered me. Then I made a good plan, packed my bags, and It's been more than seven years since we are doing well," - Mr. Richard Sohn, CEO.

BeautyTalk took too much time to realize the market, and after six years, BeautyTalk launched in 2020. BeautyTalk has always believed in quality, not quantity, and that's why we haven't launched too many things. We have just focused on very few brands, but those brands are highly in demand. We will introduce some more best Korean brands in the Indian market very soon. 

BeautyTalk's priority is to give the best skincare products to the customers and every skin type from the first day. We do offer beauty products for every skin type, and experts verify those products. 

If we compare Korean beauty products to other countries' beauty products, you can witness that they are much more affordable, and the quality is way better than others.

"I am managing Beautytalk Team and I have seen that by every day, people are demanding the products, and I can see the craze for the K-Beauty products," Sourav Singh Negi, Div. Manager.

As we all know, Korean beauty products are very famous all over the world now. The beauty experts work very closely with every product to make them the best for every skin concern. 

"When I have started the company, I worked on some local brands in India which are highly sellable and bit obvious because these products are too cheap. But if you see the product's ingredients, you can see that they use very harmful products, harming your skin. Sadly, the maximum number of people in India is still purchasing cheap products because MRP is too low. Yes, we agree that most people are now taking care of the skin. When they purchase anything, they do focus on the ingredients of the product." Mr. CEO.

And the customer support expert of BeautyTalk, Ms. Neha Pathak, also reviews that customers love Korean skincare products. They are very happy with the quality they are getting, and the same opinion was of Social Media expert Ms. Sakshi Negi, that people do follow the pages to solve their skin concerns.

"While designing graphics, I always notice that the people are crazy about the skincare products. As I can see, mask sheets, cleansers, and being honest, every product related to skincare is highly in demand," - Mr. Kunal Tanwar, Graphic Designer.

So this is how BeautyTalk is working very closely with the customers and their concerns to solve the problems with our most trusted and globally famous Korean skincare brands.

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