Real Technology

With an internationally patented MLE technology, Maltese Cross® recreating the human skin structure helps strengthen the weakened skin barrier. 

Real Solution

Focusing the weakened skin barrier as the cause of all skin troubles, Real Barrier suggests the REAL skin solution.

Real Safety

Minimizing the skin harmful ingredients, Real Barrier presents the reliable formula and the safe skin solution.

MLE® Technology

Real Barrier’s real skin barrier
comes from MLE ® , a proprietary skin barrier technology.

MLE® (Multi Lamelllar Emulsion) technology is a proprietary neo-palm
skin barrier technology that enhances the intrinsic protection of skin by strengthening damaged skin barriers by reproducing the most similar healthy skin structure
Neofarm Co., Ltd., a skin science company, started development in 1997 and has been recognized worldwide for its value
The core formula of Real Barrier MLE ® Real Barrier Formula
is completed with MLE® technology.

Dr. Peter M. Elias

“In healthy skin with normal skin barrier function, a lot of Maltacross® structure particles are observed, whereas when the barrier is damaged, the Maltacross®  article form is less likely to appear.

Among the moisturizers developed to date, Neofarm‘s MLE® technology has the best lamellar recovery technology and Maltacross® reproduction technology . ”

MLE Real Barrier Formula

Sensitive skin with damaged skin barrier

The process of the MLE Real Barrier Formula absorption through the damaged skin barrier. 

Healthy skin from application of the MLE skin barrier formula

Introduction of Parent Company


The Leader of Skin Science

NeoPharm, through innovative R&D , provides trustworthy quality to those who pursue the beautiful and healthy lifestyle. 

NeoPharm Vision


Improving quality of life through skin science

  • We provide the best value through skin science
  • To become a market leader that provides the best value to customers through skin science


NeoPharm, through innovative R&D, provides trustworthy quality products to those who pursue the beautiful and healthy lifestyle.

Management Philosophy


Management Philosophy


Management Philosophy


Research & Development

The Research Center of NeoPharm Company Limited has conducted a number of research projects into skin and new medicines since 1997. Its research started in 1997 with a pseudo-ceramide project. With particular regard for the aging skin, the Center has performed a number of national projects, applied and registered a number of international patents, and published many theses in the world academic journals, making notable achievements related to the skin.Now the Center’s research is expanded beyond the skin to include the development of new medicine.

Our skin become more sensitive

Most of Korean women feel that they have sensitive skin. Due to various reasons such as pollutions, temperature changes and stresses, etc., our living environment drive us to become more sensitive.

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