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“A solution for you when you are wondering about numerous brands”

It’s Skin understands your worries, and Has been conducting research on which ingredients you would need, optimal ratios, and safety. It’s Skin makes products based on your needs.

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About Company

It’s Habul

It’s Hanbul Co., Ltd. manufactures and markets personal care products. The Company produces cosmetics, make-up tools, hair and body products, and skin care products. It’s Hanbul markets its products worldwide. 

Headquarters:  South Korea
Founded:           1989
Subsidiary:        Anne Co., Ltd.

This is
Hong Dong-seok, CEO of Its Hanbul .

Its history is the history of the Korean cosmetic industry. In order not to waste 30 years of effort that It’s Hanbul devoted to cosmetics, we will leap forward as a global comprehensive cosmetics company that contributes to customers’ beautiful lives .

Journey : It's Hanbul

It’s Habul

30 Years of Innovation

Its history is the history of Korean cosmetics.
Based on the technology and know-how accumulated in the spirit of challenge and innovation for 30 years, we pursue the beauty of new values ​​that respond to the changes of the times.

R&D Centers

It’s Habul

Human Beauty Creator

We propose differentiated beauty with creative and continuous research and development and safe and reasonable products for the pleasant satisfaction of customers who face the best beauty every day .

Technology Research Center

The Technology Research Institute has been pursuing the future-oriented research in the 21st century, and has been pursuing differentiation from other cosmetic companies through cyclical research that leads to the development of new formulations of cosmetics, development of new materials, and evaluation of efficacy .

Overseas Presence

It’s Hanbul

Global Network

Starting with Korea’s cosmetic history, It’s Hanbul has constantly expanding our distribution network to become a global No. 1 cosmetic brand the attracts attention from the world market from China, the united state and Hong Kong.

Stores : globally

Spoke Persons

It’s Hanbul Midlim Center won the Excellence Award at the 2017 Green Company Awards

In 2016, It’s Hanbul ‘American Dream Center’ was newly designated as a green company, and it was honored to be selected as an excellent company in 2017, one year later . Through continuous environmental management, we will contribute to society by coexisting with protecting the health and environment of the people.

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