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Let’s clarify what it is actually? As we all know, taking care of the skin is essential because most people face some skin-related problems every time. We are apprehensive about our skin. Most people have skin concerns like- Dryness, Anti-Aging, Dullness, Black spots, etc. But open-pore concerns drive people crazy because it gets highlighted on the face and looks so bad and make them under-confident.

What are open-pores?

Openings of sebaceous and oil-producing glands on the face, and also, if you see a small pit on the front, indicate open-pores. You can see on your whole body except your palm and foot. Mostly we can see open-pores and clogged on the nose. People who have oily skin become the victim of open-pores, making your face dull and old. It causes acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and many more.

What are the causes of large pores?

Everyone has open-pores, and it’s good for our skin. The only difference is that some have small and some have large pores. Large poes isn’t good for us, it looks unattractive and a bit hard to prevent. Let’s have a look here-

  1. High levels of oil(sebum) production.
  2. Reduced elasticity around pores.
  3. Thick hair follicles. 
  4. Genetics or heredity.
  5. Sun damage or over-exposure to the sun.

Also, pores could become clogged with dead skin, dirt, or excess oil.

Skincare routine for enlarged pores-

It is hard for us to treat open-pores fastly. We can see open-pores concern at any age like adults can also have this open-pores concern.

You can use cleansing foams that contain salicylic acid and control oil, then open-pores can be prevented. You can use cold water instead of hot water for your face and use non-comedogenic skincare products. They will not block your pores.

In your skincare routine for open-pores, you can add few things-

Cleansing foams:- Everybody should use cleansing suds for their skin as per their skin type. Cleansing should be the first step for every skin concern. It helps to remove impurities and dirt from your skin.

Toner:- For hydration, moisturization, and open-pores, toners are the best. It helps to reduce enlarged open-pores.

Oil-free moisturizer: Large pores are tuff to cover and also make our skin unattractive. Use light-weight moisturizers which contain hyaluronic acid and retinol because it helps to make your pores smooth.

SPF:- We all should use SPF that helps to protect our skin from UV rays. If you have any skin concerns, then it’s necessary to use sunscreens whenever you go outside. It’s not harmful to your skin even protects your skin better.

Korean Skincare Products Good For Open-Pores

As you can see that Koreans have such gorgeous skin because they use natural ingredients products. So, we have few Korean Skincare products for you that will work best for your skin.

  1. It’s Skin Have A Egg Cleansing Foam:- This cleansing foam contains egg yolk extract that helps to make your skin smooth and nourished. It helps to give moisture to your skin. It is also rich in calcium and minerals that help get rid of skin irritations and itching and also helps to purify your skin. 
  2. It’s Skin Power 10 Formula, Q10 Effector:- It helps balance the skin’s oil and sebum production. It also helps to hydrate and firm the skin deeply, reduces blemishes, and makes skin clear from open pores.
  3. It’s Skin Collagen Nutrition Cream For Mature Skin:- It’s Skin is a famous Korean brand in Korea and India. It helps to provide elasticity and nutrition, leaves skin smooth and moisturized, retains skin vitality and resilience, and is best for dry skin and people who have open pores. 

People have many concerns related to their skin. Are you worried about where to purchase skin care products as per your concerns? What are the benefits of Korean Products? How can it help my skin? Beautytalk is here for you. We have a wide range of Korean Skincare Products and Brands that will help fight your skin problems.

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